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Genvolution Inc.

Genvolution INC. was established in September 2017. The team focuses on professional biotechnology research and development, coupled with a strong academic research and development base, to develop and system design for microorganisms that improve the environment. At present, the company's four main axes are food waste decomposition enzymes, ammonia nitrogen sewage system, genetic engineering and biological information analysis. Use the most scientific biotechnology and natural biological treatment methods to effectively reduce treatment costs and environmental pollution, and pursue coexistence with the environment to create a better future.

Social progress is fast, global water demand is increasing, and man-made pollution is becoming increasingly serious. Most of the pollutants are always high cost or secondary pollution during the treatment process. For example, the chemical treatment of ammonia nitrogen wastewater will produce ammonium sulfate. If it is discharged randomly, it will cause more serious pollution. Therefore, the company's main goal is to develop various microbial enzymes to treat waste, and to monitor the entire processing system with the latest artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, so that the system can make self-decision treatment plans and even avoid waste of excessive energy.

In the early days of the company's establishment, the company entered the Central China University Incubation Center and received various counselling to strengthen the financial, technical patent, legal, and management levels. Simultaneously conduct academic exchanges with Zhongyuan University, which can continuously maintain the research and development energy of biotechnology and electronic technology, and develop more types of waste biological treatment solutions. We are also looking for more related industries to cooperate to expand product integrity or jointly develop the market. However, we have also established cooperative relationships with customers in the future, set up product demonstration sites for display, and improve product shortcomings.

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